Gray Mists

The Refugee's Exodus

Having repelled the goblin band that was threatening the part of Yamdek Fields near the blessed fountain, the heroes take a moment to catch their breath. Lorallyth heals townsfolk who had been injured by the goblin band, and learns that two others had foght the goblins before the heroes came into the fray. An elven archer who had injured the hobgoblin officer and a human of shifty motivations and some fighting skill. Jarzmera the tiefling merchant cancels her contract to move the mithril ore that she had with Davin and begins to bury the ore so she can flee unencumbered. Those townfolk not injured are in a state of shock and unresponsive. Smoke from fires becomes obvious from other parts of Yamdek fields, indicating other roving goblin bands burning developed parts of the town. Little smoke is seen from the farming areas of the fields and Korlash suggests hiding the 40+ humanoids at his parent's farm to the South. Davin is able to recall that when attacked in the past that the armies tended to raid the farmlands of the Fields for food while besieging the Keep and a new plan to travel West, away from the incoming direction of the Goblin Army is formed.

Unfortantely the townsfolk were still too shocked to understand the value of fleeing quickly, and balked. A moment's reflection revealed that getting a few of the more active members to follow might get the others to follow, and the human and elvish combantants encouraged their friends/family to move out. Shortly the entire group was moving westward on a path parallel to the Old Empire Road of the fallen Amorath Empire. It connects Hedatta in the far West, Renfall, Yamdek (which was a trading parter of Amorath), and mysterious Iodun to the East. Their tracks well covered the group is startled when they run into a group of kobolds not far from the village of Mudcreek. Two of the kobolds have a human baby in their arms and the heroes are quick to attack, targeting first the kobold who holds a baby above his open maw. That kobold dies from a well-placed couple of arrows from Korlash, but as no one was near to catch the baby it was injured. A lengthy battle between the heroes and the kobolds engages and Korlash is covered in disgusting tree sap glue, Max is nearly knocked unconcious numerious times, Davin is frustated in best using his attack for fear of hitting his companions, and Flinn barely remains standing while defending the two babies flanked by two melee kobolds; eventually only one surviving kobold escapes, empty-handed, down a hole. The heroes choose not to follow, though Korlash notes the location on his map.  The two babies are handed to a matronly human refugee by Flinn. Although Thadrik was very helpful in the battle the human claimed to be preoccupied with making sure the group was not flanked and the elvish archer's bowstring broke.

As the sun begins to set the heroes and refugees came to Mudcreek, population 103. The streets seem empty until sound is heard outside the tavern. Inside is nearly the entire population of the village, huddled around a raised stage with two shirtless men dagger fighting. The villagers a betting on the fight with odds changing from round to round. Lorallyth, Max, and Flinn go inside while Davin, Korlash and the refugees stay outside the tavern. Although badly injured one combatant kills the other and walks over to the bookie. Requesting temporary housing from whomever is in charge of the village, the heroes learn that the injured victor of the dagger fight is in fact the Mayor of Mudcreek. He says their are limited resources in Mudcreek, and there would need to be compensation for the trouble; his preferred repayment would be bloodsport, which enriches him and the bookie. Flinn proposes the shell game, but the bookie balks at this. Max steps forward to fight and the stakes are set: victory brings a place for the refugees, defeat is worth 10 gold. Bruno the human gladiator is summoned to fight Max and Lorallyth and Flinn begin betting on her. Bruno's mastery of the halberd quickly bests Max in single combat and she's knocked unconcious. Flinn attempts to use his fey magics on Bruno towards the end of the fight, and although Bruno initally calls for Flinn to be punished, he is quickly bought off for a few gold. The heroes and the refugees make a hasty retreat westward from Mudcreek, following the Old Empire Road. 

Camp is struck a couple hours west of Mudcreek and guard watches are established for the night. On the third shift Korlash spots kobolds sneaking up on the camp. He doesn't raise the alarm, but tries to flank the kobolds. The enemy rushes the camp, attempting to ambush those still sleeping. A quick and bloody battle breaks out, and when the kobolds begin loosing they flee, but just before escaping are finished off by a searing blast from Davin. A nearby glint of metal is spotted near in a tree near where the kobolds were fleeing, and a trap discovered. Once the trap is disarmed, some gold and two healing potions are found stashed in a tree.



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