Gray Mists

Five Yamdek natives, all at the Fountain View Inn at the base of Mt. Yamdek for seperate reasons, find the building has been set ablaze. They are:

Korlash the Minotaur Ranger – A dual battleaxe weilding defender of the environment.

Max the Half-Elf Fighter – Aprentice smith to her father Wayland, in her journeyman phase.

Lorallyth the Eladrin Cleric, devoted to the Raven Queen – Recently returned from devout Renfall and tasked to return by non-magical means.

Davin the Human Wizard – An adaptable and humble Adventurer's Guild Wizard looking to expand from his small village roots.

Flinn Sparkleton the Human Warlock, of the Fey-Pact – A mysterious childhood left him in the care of the Mage's Guild of Yamdek, he has a destiny with the city of Iodun.

 As the inhabitants of the Inn come outside they see a vast army of Goblinods treking up Mt. Yamdek to attack the Keep. A small band of goblins has broken away from the main force and attacked the Fields. A hudled mass of locals has been rounded up near the Fountain, although some have already been downed. Also recently downed they see a hobgoblin commander, who must have been leading the goblins. Barely hesitating, the heroes snap into action, albeit in an uncoordianted fashion. The goblins have magical means of hexing the heroes and the battle is not easily won. Luckily Lorallyth recoginzed fellow cleric Thadrik Boarshelm, devoted to Moradin. She heals him and his assistance wins the fight, although not before the goblin hexer escapes back to the Goblin Army. The heroes learn that the fountain is so well regarded for it's minor ability to heal.Speculating on Yamdek Keep's chances against the Goblin Army they learn that the Keep's Army had just left en route to Renfall to defend it, as high ranking Yamdek Keep individuals had receieved sending rituals warning them of an incoming attack by a vast Goblin Army!



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