Gray Mists

Spiders and Revelations

As Flinn regained his conciousness from the Mists, the others filled him on what he had missed. Flinn agreed the heroes should continue South towards their potential assasination target, if only to warn him. As they were travelling, Davin noted spider webs in the trees above. After pointing the webs out, Korlash decided to scout a way around. Unfortanately gazing upwards caused Korlash to miss some along the ground and he became stuck. Noting a disturbance, several dog-sized spiders began descending from the nearest tree. As the heroes began to attack the spiders, an ettercap joined the fray, clearly controlling the spider's attack. A fierce battle began, as the poison of the spiders and the ettercap was greater than most could handle. Narrowly the heroes snatched victory from the ettercap and spiders, and exhausted they looked for a place to rest.

Travelling far enough away from any potential additional spiders, they made camp. But in their exhausted state it turned out their campground was also a safe place for other sentinent creatures. The watch noted kobolds moving closer, and the heroes fled ahead of them. They escaped into a small hidden cave and managed to pass the rest of the night.

The next morning the heroes heard the sound of mounted riders, and upon investigating learned that the riders were Colonel Kravos, the tiefling leader of the Non-Standard Operations of the Yamdek Army, and his squad. Colonel Kravos explained he had been tasked to find Lloralyth by her father after he had learned of her capture in Osgrove. A sharing of information occured, and Colonel Kravos informed the heroes of the incoming Renfall reinforcements to help the Yamdek Army, that their assasination target was a powerful ally of Lord Thadreus' dead brother, and that the Colonel was seriously undermanned and had need of help with several non-lethal tasks. One such task was to collect fey-lillies needed for the armies many rituals, another was to locate a young green dragon in the area that had been strafing the troops, and a third was to locate a wizard known to be located near the Feymouth who it is believed may be sympathetic to helping the civilized armies repel the Goblin Army. The Colonel also explained that if the task of fey lillies was taken care of, he would be free to carry out regime change on the critical travel town of Osgrove. The heroes readily agreed to take over the task. The Colonel revealed that he was aware that the heroes were being tailed by a supernatural spy, an imp dispatched by Lord Thadreus. The Major Gadreus dispatched of the imp, who was carrying bones infused with zombie dust. The Major explained the imp most likely would have used the desecrated bones in a foul ritual to raise skeleton fighters to ambush the heroes had they tried to abandon their task. At Lloralyth's request the Major disenchanted the bones so as to remove their tainted undead magic.



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