Gray Mists

A Comedy of Errors

The night of their victory over the kobold king, Davin retired early to study the journal of Vodros the warlock. The other heroes prepared for travel the next day and saw to the preparations for the refugees. Davin learned much about Vodros from the journal, which Vodros had kept from a young age: that he was born in a town of Dopplegangers and Shifters South of Yamdek; that he met an infernal warlock that impressed him, and learned of the star-pact, which impressed him more; that he travelled to a town outside Ioudun to learn about the star-pact from another such warlock; that he learned to be a warlock, a cipher for hiding secret knowledge in his journal, and may have been discovered as a shape-changer in this town; that Vodros traveled to the Yamdek area and joined the Adventurer's Guild; that Davin had met one of his alternate personas; that Vodros had learned of something about the Goblin Army attack before it happened (much of this was ciphered); that he tried to warn Soveliss, leader of Yamdek Keep, but was held back by red-tape; that he tried to travel to Renfall to tell what he had learned, but was repelled by satyrs to the West of a town named Osgrove; that he agreed to look into the kobold issue in order to get safe entry to Renfall. He also mentioned he ran into bandits west of Falcon's Hollow on the Old Empire Road.

The next day Davin relayed what he had learned, and per a note on his door took the party to meet with Grog before leaving town. Grog warned of bandits along Old Empire Road and the poor reception Vodros had recieved in the town of Osgrove. He also presented Davin with a medal in honor of the acomplishment of defeating the kobold king. On the way out of town Flinn became afflicted with the Gray Mists, and he fell to the back in a stupor.

The heroes followed Old Empire Road and were trapped between roadblocks by human and halfling bandits. Although they had an early advantage of suprise, the heroes held their ground and knocked out one of the humans. Most of the bandits fled, and the halfling leader surrendered so that he could administer a healing potion to his downed companion. Fearful of reinforcements, the heroes moved along quickly. 

Soon enough they encountered the town of Osgrove, but no one in the town was interested in talking to the heroes, and many gave them suspicious glares. So the group quickly moved through town and set up camp several miles down the road. During the night watch Korlash and Lloralyth heard riders, and when they investigated it was the halflings sent from Falcon's Hollow. The halflings (brothers) explained that they had informed the General of the Yamdek army about the attack, and that after confering with his advisors, the General believed the halflings and was personally returning (along with his top officers) to Falcon's Hollow. The halflings were told to quickly return ahead of the General and tell Gavel to begin preparations to make war machines. After taking a quick nap at the heroes camp, the halflings excused themselves and continued home. A little later, a horrible animal sound was heard.

The next day the heroes decided they would return East to investigate the strange sound. They made it to the town square in Osgrove, but saw no evidence of anything unusual (except the suspicious townsfolk) and they decided to go West again to meet the General as he returned. As they were leaving town a middle-aged man bumped into Korlash and accused him of assult, and the other heroes as accomplises. The town guard was called in, and then the Chief Justice. Arguments were heard from the man, and from the heroes, as to what happened. The Chief Justice determined a proper trial was needed in light of the number and serious nature of the charges, and the heroes posted bail and had their likenesses drawn and distributed. A "room" in an Inn's barn housed them for three days as Davin learned more about the town of Osgrove, it's complicated legal history, it's new leader Lord Thadreus, and the cultivated suspicion harbored in the townsfolk. Eventually they were able to meet directly with the Lord, and in return for a promise to kill an unnamed person, they were granted their freedom and a map to the target's lair.

Following the map the heroes noted the influence of the Feywild in the area. Near some grab-grass and gigantic trees the heroes encountered an emaciated pack of agressive wolves. The heroes attacked the wolves, which mostly targeted Korlash. After one of the wolves was killed, the others retreated behind the trees. Believing they had fled entirely, Korlash began to butcher the dead wolf. Having regrouped, the wolves attacked again, but Lloralyth finally realized the reason the wolves were so aggressive was their extreme hunger, and she threw rations to distract them. In the grab-grass the heroes found the remains of a traveller, who had a power jewel and a death shroud amongst his belongings. The heroes travelled to a clearing to examine these magical items, and realized that a nearby patch of lillies were filled with fey magic that could be distilled into residium. They picked half the fey lillies and marked the area on the map so that they could return to the area at a future date.



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